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Purity Bot

Use !help or purity!help for a full list of commands


Main Features

Pet System
Allow users to adopt an animal (choose from over 40 different kinds of pets!) to train, level up, and fight with. Includes tons of unique features that will make players addicted to your server and makes currency worthwhile!

Music Player
A music player for all your discord needs (Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more!)

Custom Ranks
Allow your players to buy or earn ranks (server roles)! Can require money, levels, or even another role before obtaining!

Mod/Admin Roles
Allow your mods/admins to have access to special commands!

Auto Moderation
Setup word blacklists, prevent discord invite links, and more!

Voice Chat Roles
Setup roles to be auto assigned when a user leaves/joins a voice channel

Reaction Roles
Let players assign (and unassign) themselves ranks just by reacting to a specific message!

Enjoy your very own leveling and currency system! Customize LEVELING EQUATION, gains from messages, daily bonus amounts, currency name, give/set points, etc.!

Server Shop
Create and customize your very own Server Shop!

Auto Role
Automatically assign a role to members when they join!

Track and announce birthdays within your server!

Over 100+ sounds to play on your voice channels!

Welcome Messages
Customize your own welcome messages and send them via DM or in a channel!

Have extra currency around? Try your hand at some gambling games!

Create reaction polls for your users to vote in!

Host a variety of giveaways for members of your discord (incld. role and level requirements)!

Twitch Alerts
Have a favorite streamer(s) in your community? Let people know when they go live!

Keep track of notes in your personalized notebook!

Logs discord events (joins, leaves, message modifications, attachments, nickname changes, and more)

Fun Stuff
There are tons of other features such as 8ball, memes, My Hero Academia quotes, dice rolls, and more to explore!

Purity Bot is a new bot and is in constant development. More features are planned and already in development to be released in the coming weeks!

Come join the support channel to add suggestions, report bugs, and provide feedback! I love adding features you want!